Safety Through Solidarity: Out Now!

Bringing together years of reporting, research, and conversations, our new book tries to rebuild the fight against antisemitism through an antifascist, intersectional, and radical lens.

Safety Through Solidarity: Out Now!

After four years of research, interviews, reporting, writing, and endless editing, our new book Safety Through Solidarity: A Radical Guide to Fighting Antisemitism is being released today by Melville House Books. This collaboration was an attempt to synthesize a range of ideas about antisemitism from antifascism, the Jewish left, Jewish feminism, Critical Theory, as well as deep research, personal stories, and the panorama of experiences in fighting antisemitism. We talk with academics and experts, dig up histories of resistance and social movements, and try to envision what it would mean to take on the question of antisemitism from within the radical movements we remain a part of.

Now that the book is out you can purchase it anywhere, such as directly from Penguin, AK Press,, and Powells. We appreciate you sharing as much as you can about it online, including posting from this blog or some of the book excerpts or related articles we have coming out. 

Here are several excerpts and articles we wrote to come out in proximity to the book’s release, and a great way to see more about what kinds of things are in the book.

Truthout: Zionism Will Never Be a Solution to Antisemitism - In this excerpt from the book, we discuss how antisemitism has often been a motivating factor in the Zionist movement itself.

Reconstructing Judaism: Jacob and Esau: Antisemitism is Not Inevitable: From the second chapter of our book, we talk about the story of Esau and Jacob, which has been cited by some as the origin of “eternal antisemitism.” But what if that is not what the story is actually about?

Vashti Media: How to fight antisemitism - and win - We wrote ten theses about how to build an alternative program to fight antisemitism that does not rely on police or nationalism but on the solidarity communities can build when they fight together.

Here are upcoming events that you can attend, both in person and digitally, some of which still have additional details to come.

We will be announcing upcoming events in New York City (alongside our friends at Jews for Racial and Economic Justice), Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C., as well as other digital events.

Other ways you can help support the launch:

  • Any social media posts are a huge help, so if you want to retweet our book annnouncements, share on Facebook, or add Instagram posts to your Stories, all would be a massive help.
  • Reviewing the book on Goodreads is actually a nice way to help upvote it, particularly to counteract far-right trolls. The same is true for Amazon, you don’t have to buy from there to review it.
  • If you have a relationship with a library, asking them to get the book is perhaps the best way to get it in people’s hands. Libraries should be our first line of support and we will do as much as possible to support library lending throughout the process.

We will also be doing trainings and digital events, so reach out if you have a group that may want to host something and we will see if we can make it happen. More than anything, we want to be in conversation with folks as the book comes out so let’s find ways of creating events and community beyond just the text itself. We are considering a reading group in the near future, so stay tuned! Also let us know if there are communication methods that would be of use for discussing the book and sharing info, such as Facebook Groups, Signal or Telegram channels, or any other virtual method you think could be helpful.

You can reach out to us by email at, or at our personal emails or social media.